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Is It Time to Ditch Your Glasses and Switch to Contacts?

There are two common mistaken beliefs that people have regarding seeing an optometrist. Some individuals make the presumption that once they get glasses from this professional, they will never have to replace them until they acquire damage. Others believe that getting contact lenses is simply about furnishing the optometrist with their current eyeglass prescription. Both of these are incorrect since your prescription will change over the years. Therefore, you need to pay a visit to an optometrist every couple of years for an eye exam.

During these visits, your optometrist may suggest transitioning to contact lenses due to the world of convenience that they offer when compared to traditional spectacles. Admittedly, there is a learning curve that you will have to acquaint yourself with. Check out the following reasons why you may want to ditch your glasses and make the switch to contacts.

Contact lenses offer better accuracy than glasses

Although glasses do help with improving your vision, something not many people consider is that they are designed to face one direction and this is not how your eyes function. Healthy eyes will move in varying directions since your eyes rotate naturally. When wearing glasses, you find that they are only beneficial when you are facing straight ahead and will not correct your vision when you look to the side or upwards and downwards.

Contact lenses remedy this drawback, as you wear them directly on your iris. You get to benefit from improved peripheral vision, too, and this ensures you better visual accuracy when compared to glasses.

Contact lenses eliminate having to deal with cloudy glasses

Whether you have been using spectacles for months or years, one thing you can agree on is that they are highly vulnerable to clouding over. Most commonly, tiny particles of dust will collect on the glasses, and this necessitates constant cleaning before you can wear them or your vision will be fuzzy. However, it is worth bearing in mind that glasses, similar to windows, are also susceptible to condensation.

For instance, if you are cooking food, you will find that your glasses will mist over and this may force you to take them off. On the other hand, when the weather is humid, which is commonplace in Aussie, your glasses will get foggy, and this impairs your vision — not to mention how inconvenient it can be when you are wearing a mask. Contact lenses do not pose any of these issues since there is no space between them and your eyes.

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