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Four Reasons You Should Get Your Glasses Adjusted Regularly

If you have glasses, you should occasionally visit an optometrist and have them adjusted. In some cases, optometrists offer this service for free, and in other cases, they charge just a nominal fee. Here's why it's important to keep your specs well adjusted:

1. Protecting your quality of vision

When your optometrist fits you for glasses, he or she measures the height of your gaze, and the visual fields of your glasses take those measurements into account.

For example, if you have bifocals or trifocals, your glasses need to be correctly placed on your face so that when you look down, you look through the part of your lenses that magnifies close-up objects, but when you look outward, you look through the part of your lens that improves your long distance vision.

If your glasses aren't sitting correctly on your ears or nose or if they are crooked for any other reason, your vision may be compromised as a result.

2. Preventing damage

Poorly fitting spectacles don't just take a toll on your ability to see. They may also fall off your face. Glasses that have been adjusted hug your face like they should, but glasses that are loose at the temples may fall off, especially if you are dancing or moving quickly. Once they fall off your face, they can easily get broken or smashed. An adjustment helps protect your glasses against this risk.

3. Assessing condition

When an optometrist or his or her assistant adjusts your glasses, they can also look them over for damage. If they see scratches to your lenses or issues with their clarity, they can point those things out to you and let you know how they may be affecting your ability to see as well as possible.

In some cases, you may know that your glasses are damaged, but you may not realise what type of effect it is having on your glasses. You can ask your optometrist these questions whilst having your glasses adjusted.  

4. Ensuring comfort

In addition to all of the other benefits offered by adjusting your glasses, it also helps to ensure comfort. If your glasses are too tight, they can uncomfortably squeeze your head all day, and if they are too loose, you may feel like you spend all day pushing them up.

Poorly fitting glasses can also give some wearers headaches, and adjusting them helps you avoid this issue as well.

To learn more about the benefits of getting your glasses adjusted on a regular basis, contact an optometrist.


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