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Two reasons why diabetics need to visit their optometrist regularly

If you are diabetic, then you should be visiting an optometrist regularly. Continue reading to learn why. You have a higher risk of developing cataracts If you have diabetes, then you have a much higher chance of developing cataracts at some point in your life than people who do not suffer from this condition. A cataract is an eye condition which can cause proteins to accumulate on the lens of the eye. Read More 

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You Can See Clearly Now: Blogs About Optometry

Welcome to my blog. My name is Jessica, and I have worn glasses since I was a toddler. I have always been interested in vision, and I am thinking about going back to school to pursue a career in optometry. Currently, I work part time in a medical clinic, and I spend the rest of my time home with my kids Jason and Grey, who are four and six. I plan to cover a range of optometry facts and ideas in this blog. From eye diseases to glasses styles, I hope to write a bit about everything. I hope you enjoy this blog.